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Raising the Bar in Safety Standards among Private Aircraft Charters

Regent Jet's mission is to offer lifestyle private jet travelers a trusted and viable private aviation solution. Nowhere is this more relevant than our rigorous safety and reliability standards.

Our firm requires that each private jet carrier undergo a rigorous, third-party audit of their operations for entry into the Regent Jet program. This ensures that each carrier:

  • Possesses up-to-date certificates with the FAA and DOT
  • Have proper insurance documentation
  • Meet industry best practices in terms of proactive aircraft maintenance
  • Submit to crew background checks

In addition, our operating team continuously surveys the operators in our program, specifically qualifying and disqualifying individual tail numbers of jets that meet our overall criteria, but do not necessarily meet our clients' discerning standards for level of comfort and luxury.

Unyielding Safety Standards

Unlike other firms that force a predetermined level of safety standard on their clients (or worse yet, have no standards at all), Regent Jet clients have the freedom and flexibility to fly only with specifically-rated operators and equipment.

For example, for many clients, flying with ARG/US Gold and Platinum-rated operators is perfectly adequate. However, some clients demand an ARG/US Platinum rating, Wyvern Wingman status, or other safety standards based on their level of comfort and sophistication.

At Regent Jet, we maintain detailed account profiles for each client, documenting client-specific safety standards so we can present only the most relevant flight options to our clients.

Real Time Auditing

Our clients may, at any time, ask to see a TripCHEQ report prior to a flight.

TripCHEQ receives continuously updated data from ARG/US on all:

  • FAA and NTSB actions
  • Pilot qualification records including flight time/experience and safety records
  • Certifications, training and insurance
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Regent Jet acts as an agent for customers negotiating and facilitating private air travel. Regent Jet does not own or operate aircraft. All flights are operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers ("Operators"), who shall maintain full Operational Control at all times. Operators providing service for Regent Jet must meet both FAA safety requirements and additional safety standards established by Regent Jet.