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Private Jet Hedging: A New Strategy for Fractional Jet Ownership

Hedge Your Jets – working with Regent Jet, you can save thousands versus Jet Card and Fractional Ownership – without compromise.

Our firm literally wrote the book on using Jet Card and Fractional Jet Shares as a cost ceiling for executive business jet travel.

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What is Jet Hedging?

Private Jet Hedging is a service designed specifically for "Lifestyle Private Jet Travelers" who own a Jet Card or a Fractional Share in a private aircraft, or both.

Our service delivers a complimentary 3rd party validation of our client's fixed-rate solution for every flight, taking into account: the specific needs of a trip (range, airspeed, luggage capacity, luxuriousness) and cost – ultimately delivering a recommendation as to whether our client’s fixed-rate solution is a good fit for that particular flight.

Our research shows that approximately 65% of flights that our clients take can be performed at a better value, and on a superior aircraft, through Regent Jet’s solution.

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Besides price, why would a Jet Card or Fractional Ownership not make sense for every trip?

Our clients tell us that the single most important consideration (besides safety) is aircraft selection –the ability to select a specific aircraft make, model and interior configuration for a trip.

Fixed-rate programs work in one of two ways:

  • Clients buy into a specific aircraft, and it is costly and inconvenient to upgrade/downgrade for various flight requirements.
  • Clients can select an aircraft ‘category’ (e.g. Small, Medium or Large) with very little control over the type of aircraft that they will be flying on.

Both models have very real challenges.

When we deliver a Trip Analysis to our client, it includes a portfolio of options with detailed information for each individual option, including interior photos, seating configuration, customer satisfaction rating, age of aircraft and date of last refurbishment (if applicable).

What types of aircraft are included in the program?

While we have access to virtually any make and model of executive business jet in the skies, we have found that our clients prefer premium and desirable late-model aircraft. Most of our flights take place on premium equipment, including:

  • Light Jets: Beechjet 400A, Hawker 400XP, Citation Bravo, Citation Ultra, Citation Encore, Lear 40, Lear 45
  • Midsize Jets: Hawker 800XP, Hawker 850XP, Citation XLS, Gulfstream G-100, Lear 60
  • Super Midsize Jets: Citation Sovereign, Citation X, Hawker 1000, Gulfstream G-200, Challenger 300, Falcon 50EX
  • Heavy Jets: Challenger 604, Falcon 2000, Embraer Legacy
  • Extended Range Jets: Gulfstream IV-SP, Gulfstream 400 series, Gulfstream 500 series, Falcon 900EX, Global Express

Do I need to open an account to participate?

No. While many of our frequent clients have opted to open an account to streamline the booking process, it is not a requirement to participate.

Do I need to be a part of a Jet Card or Fractional program to participate?

By definition, yes. But if you charter aircraft, you owe it to yourself to experience our Jet Charter offering.

Is this just brokering empty legs?

Absolutely not. While empty legs are a tool that we use, they represent a very small part of our business. Jet Hedging comprises two primary channels:

  • Guaranteed point-to-point (one-way) flights – similar to a fractional jet program which offers "occupied flight time" pricing, we work to deliver an outstanding value on one-way flights along popular flight corridors.
  • Guaranteed round trip itineraries – the best value in the skies, for short-stay round trips, Regent Jet delivers ultra-competitive pricing on the finest executive business jets in the skies.

What safety standards does Regent Jet employ for Jet Hedging?

Safety is an incredibly personal matter – for many of our clients, it is the primary reason that they fly privately. We work with each client to explain the features and benefits of Wyvern, ARG/US, and the various safety rating levels to determine which safety program offers the best fit with their needs. For more information on Regent Jet’s safety program, click here.

How do I get started?

To schedule a New Client Interview and receive your copy of our C-level report "The Guide to Private Jet Hedging," register to get the Guide, or call us at 866-737-5387.

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Regent Jet acts as an agent for customers negotiating and facilitating private air travel. Regent Jet does not own or operate aircraft. All flights are operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers ("Operators"), who shall maintain full Operational Control at all times. Operators providing service for Regent Jet must meet both FAA safety requirements and additional safety standards established by Regent Jet.